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Teddy Bear Room: Infants 6 weeks to 1 year. We will support your child’s development and take care of their daily needs the same way you would. We will constantly communicate even by phone, with you all about their day (diapering, feeding and sleeping). Our infants have their own eating area. A rocking chair is provided for parents who wish to come visit or feed their infants. Lots of age appropriate toys are provided to keep your baby busy. We have created a new outside area, “Waddle Park” designed so infants have some shaded outside time each day.

Toddler Rooms: In our two toddler rooms, “we are big kids now and are drinking from cups”. “No bottles here.” We are starting to gain independence and are learning to use new vocabulary words. Our classrooms include manipulative materials to encourage active exploration and hands on learning activities to help your child gain independence.

Busy Bee Room: The room is smaller and home to the recent 12 month and walking toddlers. These children are starting to learn as a group. They are now exposed to routine for the first time.

Shooting Star Room: Here, in a larger room, there are a few more toddlers. They have really developed “their land legs” and are getting around more freely. They are developing some of the skills needed for future learning.Both of the above groups are beginning to develop their vocabulary. Both share an outside play area with equipment designed for their age level. It is separate from the infants or oldest children. They have a merry go round, climbing apparatus and tricycle riding area.

Angelfish Room: Two year olds are found in this room. Potty training is encouraged. We have found that children respond best to a non-demanding approach to potty training. These Toddlers enjoy circle time, music and art activities. They learn and play with fun but challenging toys and activities. They share the playground used by the Busy Bees and Shooting Stars. We also offer an opportunity for your child to learn while exercising their bodies as well as their minds.

Rainbow Room: The children in this room are potty trained three year olds. Age appropriate and manipulative materials encourage active exploration to help your child gain independence. Our classrooms are equipped with “Discovery Centers” enriched with inviting and developmentally appropriate materials. This group and the next four groups learn while exercising their minds as well as their bodies on our large playground.

Dinosaur Room: This room is used by our four year olds. These children are developing a lot of skills necessary to move on to Pre K. They have learned to work independently and work well as a group. Through their large windows they have a special view of our large playground and lovely Catalina Mountains.

Noah’s Ark Room: This is the room you first see when entering the building. This room also houses our four year olds who are getting ready for Kindergarten. Reading, Math and Critical thinking are a main part of their program. Here and in other rooms the “Magic Choice” and “High Reach” programs are used.

Wildcat Room: The room serves as a Pre K classroom in the morning and our after school children join us in the afternoon. These children along with all the other classes are served a nutritious snack to fuel their energy supply. There is plenty of time to play, work on homework, go outside and work on a craft project.

All four of the older classes enjoy using are largest playground which was described on the first page of this website.So from a newborn, to Pre K and more, Discovery Learning Center has you covered at the Tucson Early Learning Destination.