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How Discovery Learning Center is found

How people find Discovery Learning Center

We have asked many of our parents, how they found Discovery Learning Center. In addition to hearing about the special things we learn and do from their friends and other people, many tell us about the second thing that attracted them to Discovery Learning Center. Over the years, our sign with the little guy holding the magnifying glass and “Dino the Dinosaur” have caught people’s eyes in the daytime. People have also noticed the green and white scalloped valance out front when they park their cars in the morning. To heighten our visibility, a new green and white valance has been installed on Broadway. We have been told that their children like to ride by at night, when it is dark, to see the new  green and white lights that give us a heightened “night time” showing.

Soon we they will be looking for the “Pot of Gold” when Miss Beth and the staff members will be learning about and celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.