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Melody & Skip “The Discovery Twins”

Discovery TwinsWhen Mr. Roy and Ms Joan Mills, “owners of Discovery Learning Center”;
decided get a new puppy, they looked at a family of five tan and white “party Color”
Cocker Spaniels. They decided to take two; a
boy and a girl. They were eight weeks old and ready to be adopted so they brought
them home that night. They immediately fell in love with these “cuties”.
When they were older they began sharing them with the children at Discovery
similar to Ms Cathy who shares her dog “Lulu”. They became “The Discovery Twins”.
They took them everywhere we went.
Melody, the girl; was having physical problems at age 14, so they had to put her
to sleep. They hung onto Skip, her brother, a few months longer though he missed
his sister. They continued bringing him into Discovery which the children looked
forward to. He didn’t like being left home by himself. He had heart problems making
it necessary for him to take medicine which he didn’t like. When he stopped taking
his medicine and his food, he started having seizures and they knew he too would
have to go on to heaven. Mr Roy had used him as a service dog and tried to take him
everywhere they went. He and Ms Joan loved both dogs They were so sweet, well
behaved and loving.
They so much appreciated the beautiful “pet card” they got from Ms Beth and the
staff with so many nice messages on it. That card and the “Discovery Twins” will live in
their hearts forever.