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Child Care | Safety

When It Comes To Child Care, We Believe In Safety First!

Our walled in playgrounds have an abundance of shaded areas. They have about 12 inches of child safe wood chips to prevent injury to the child when falling. The play equipment has a powder coated burn free surface so it’s not too hot to touch. Our swings have child safe rubber seats very important in Tucson’s 100 degree temperatures. Our pool area is always locked when not in use and fully shaded with cool decking to walk on so the pavement is not hot to a child’s feet in the summer heat. We have evaporative cooling under the roof of both of our playgrounds. The infant playground has child safety artificial grass.

Our front entrance consists of a gate that is latched higher than a preschooler or toddler can reach. It also has a front door which is connected to a security alarm. When opened, an alarm goes off. This is monitored by a staff member.

The school has a panic alarm in the kitchen which automatically reaches the police or fire company when the button is pushed. There is a weather alert radio that keeps us on top of the present weather conditions.

Rather than an open classroom system where the children are not easily monitored, each room has one or more teachers and a door to the outside playground. In one case, we have one room divided by a half door.

Child records are on file helping us keep track of food allergies. These files include dates of inoculations and tell who is allowed to pick up the child.

Again, at Discovery Learning Center our Early Learning, day care, and child care team members all believe in Safety First!