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Tucson Daycare | Testimonials

When looking for a Tucson Daycare facility, look no farther than Discovery Learning Center. See what our Happy Parents and Students have to say.

The staff at Discovery Learning Center are very professional and courteous. Teachers are always attentive and nurturing to my children. Both of my boys were always happy to go to school everyday. They were dropped off and picked up always with a smile. We appreciate everything they did for our boys and we happily recommend them.

~ L. Gonzales


I sent my older children to Discovery 20 years ago and now my 4 year old is going. They have daily activities they actually do with the kids. It’s not a schedule on the wall. Each day they read books, do outdoor play, and art activities/projects the kids learn about a theme each month and can tell you all about it. Definitely the best daycare/preschool in Tucson with competitive prices.

~ D. White

annemarie_commissansDiscovery has been an absolutely wonderful place for my daughter
to be. The teachers take time and have patience with each child helping them learn and express themselves. My daughter has been here two years now and she has already become a “Social Butterfly.” She has learned so much. She is three years old and knows almost every phonic sound and word that a Kindergartener would know. One of the first things she knew at two was the alphabet and that was thanks to Discovery. Discovery teachers are loving, caring and very friendly to all who come in the school. The children look to them for comfort and help with any issue that arises. My eighth month old son will soon be at Discovery to discover the things his sister has learned over the past two years. Ms. Beth is a great director. She makes sure that everything is well organized and runs smoothly. Discovery is our 2nd home!

~ Annemarie Commissans

36 years ago, I started attending Discovery with my brother. We both attended until we started kindergarten. Now, my twin boys, Elliot and Benjamin are attending. I loved it over 30 years ago and my boys love it now.

~ Jennifer Abraham

jessica_penaDiscovery has been a fun, safe and organized learning environment for my children ages 2 and 4. I especially appreciate that Discovery goes above and beyond by incorporating family activities like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day into the curriculum and having Special Events.” When I drop my children off in the morning, I know they are loved and cared for while I am at work. After trying other daycare providers and schools, I am grateful to have found “Discovery.” Both of my kids have attended for two years now.

~ Jessica Pena

Grace has been coming to Discovery for 3 years. She runs the place. She knows and loves all the teachers here. Her favorite part of the day is Hats & Crafts time. We are very thankful to have found Discovery. Everyone one here is awesome.

~ The Beine’s

mary_bradleyAll of my children have attended Discovery Learning Center. The staff is very friendly and greet you and your child by name each morning. They even greet my oldest two who haven’t been there in almost five years. My youngest, who attends now, wakes up every morning asking if it’s time for school. She loves the activities and the playground. They not only work on fun activities but educational ones as well. Her interest in reading writing and letter recognition has improved so much since she started attending Discovery. I can’t say enough good things about the staff. Almost all of them have been there since I began bringing my children. It is a family atmosphere. The staff members are not only knowledgeable, but they truly care about my children. As a mom of many, and a customer over six years; I would not trust my children to anyone other than Discovery Learning Center.

~Mary Bradley

devon_j_brownWhat a wonderful facility! As an active duty military mom, I have had to utilize several different day care centers over the years. This place cannot be beat, it is the Tucson daycare. Safety first. They serve wholesome and healthy foods and the staff are all friendly and caring. They have made both my son and I feel like family. I love this place!

~ Devon J Brown